Social Vision are...


We focus on
getting you seen

Social Vision have years of experience in charity, small business and freelancer communications.

From writing engaging newsletters to creating fund grabbing impact reports; our work is concise, memorable and highly effective.


We disrupt the
status quo

Everything we do is routed in solving issues we see and experience everyday in society.

From a lack of hot desking space, through to urban regeneration and finding new ways for organisations to become more sustainable.


We introduce you to
the right people

It’s a big world out there, with lots of people doing lots of amazing things.

We save you the leg work, regardless of your sector, by making connections and relevant introductions.

Space Invaders

We see
spaces differently

Every city and town has empty, derelict, neglected spaces. We bring them back to life!

We deliver meanwhile use and temporary occupation of spaces for community benefit.