100 years of Women having the vote – Let’s Celebrate!

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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100 years of Women having the vote – Let’s Celebrate!

York’s International Women’s Week, from the 3rd to the 11th March at various venues throughout the city, is a week long programme of events including workshops, gigs and performances, with the aim to raise all women’s voices, regardless of background, identity, race or religion.

Realised at an international conference of working women in 1910, the idea of ‘Women’s Day’ on the 8th March every year, was proposed to improve women’s working conditions, bring about equal pay and ensure their voting rights. And it was 6th February 1918, 100 years ago, that the first women in the UK were finally awarded the vote.

At Social Vision we think that is something to celebrate! And what better way than to head to some of the great events at International Women’s Week?

Whether it’s a Hoola Hoop workshop, a look into the history of the Suffragettes, a chance to explore your inner warrior with Kung Fu or a talk on ‘Women and Power’ by our very own MP Rachael Maskell, there really is something for everyone.


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