£15,000 grants to set up a community business



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£15,000 grants to set up a community business

As champions of profit with purpose, we’re very excited to see this new fund that supports business solutions to community problems. Grants of up to £15,000 are available for individuals who are considering starting up a community business.

Deadline for applications: 31st July


Please note, as we are looking for new community businesses and ideas, we do not expect you to have already met all of the community business criteria below.

Do you currently have, or intend to set up, a community business which is:

1. Locally rooted?
You must be able to demonstrate that your organisation is rooted in a particular geographic place and responds to its needs.

2. Accountable to the local community?
Whether through a broad-based membership, a community share offer or simply through regular community consultation, you will be able to demonstrate how you give local people real, ongoing decision making power to shape your community business.

3. Trading for the benefit of the local community?
You are already or you aspire to be a business with a clear trading model, selling services or products to people in your local area, with profits used to deliver local benefit. All or part of your income comes from activities like running community transport, delivering a service for vulnerable people commissioned by the local authority, or selling the produce you grow. If you have not yet begun trading but you have plans to do so and can explain how and when you expect to begin trading, this may be sufficient to meet this criteria.

4. Broad community impact?
Your community business will engage with a wide range of people in your community and deliver impact against a range of community needs. It will be inclusive, and give opportunities for people with different abilities and backgrounds to get involved.

Find out more and apply here


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