400 residents have their say on Tadcaster



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400 residents have their say on Tadcaster

Our Community Artist Justin had a great day on Sunday talking to the local residents of Tadcaster about what events and activities they’d like to see in their town.

A stall at the annual Christmas market saw us talk to over 400 local residents who braved the cold for a game of Connect 4 to tell us about their desire to see more play areas for kids, the return of the carnival parade and more activities along the river.

Residents also showed us which places they loved in the town, and which places made them sad, by placing red and green pins on our Energy Map.

If you didn’t get chance to have your say, or would like to contribute, you can fill out our short anonymous for here.

Our next public consultation event will be at Selby Market this Saturday, followed by the Sherburn Xmas Market at the Old Girls School on December 11th.


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