A gig with a difference



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A gig with a difference

Tang Hall SMART are holding a bumper music gig on Saturday 11th November [6pm – 10pm] at York Barbican. Social Vision is supporting this event as we believe it’s of real interest to those of us interested in the community – not just because the music planned for the night is great, but also because nearly all of the music will be performed by people who have overcome barriers such as homelessness, addiction, learning disability and mental health problems in order to achieve what they have!  An enjoyable and inspirational night out!

The night includes:

* items from Tang Hall Smart’s own record label (Musication) – which gives a platform to those who  have experienced difficulties such as homelessness, addiction, mental health problems etc

* teen acts and community musicians from the Tang Hall area 

* Resistance band, which includes three people with a background of homelessness

* pieces performed by children, teens and adults who have learning disabilities – including one by Jonny (The Wolf) Mottram, probably the best rapper in the world who has Down’s Syndrome, and a pretty fine rapper by any accounts, who is the warm up act for the headline, which is,

* D-Ni-L … an experimental rapper who began as a participant within the organisation: long-term homeless and struggling with addiction, and ended up as the music director! His set is from his forthcoming album “Suicide in Sips”. If you want to see something really moving, out of the ordinary for its authenticity, and of top quality (his first music video now has over 113K hits)  then this is it! 

Here’s a short promotional video for the evening:

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