A recipe to celebrate humanity

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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A recipe to celebrate humanity

What do you get when you mix an Italian, Armenian, Mexican, Egyptian and Colombian around a kitchen table in York? What you get is a perfect recipe to celebrate humanity.

The Nations of York Collective (NYC) is a grassroots-initiative set up in 2017 by York based friends from all around the world. They  provide a platform for a dialog among different cultural groups present in their city and their neighbourhoods. And they do this through food.

They believe in the importance of celebrating diversity in their local community and in the universal power of food to bring people together.  And that it is their moral responsibility to help people in need, no matter where they come from.

NYC organise supper clubs and masterclasses celebrating the history of migration that each traditional cuisine embodies. Any profits they make go back towards helping vulnerable people around the world.

There is specially urgent in the context of Brexit and the refugee crisis. Nations of York Collective debunk the misleading perception that there is “us” and “them”. We have a shared history,  the history of all the people living on the planet. It is our responsibility to step up for the most vulnerable around the world.

Their events seek to change perceptions of foreigners in the area, promote their integration and share new skills among local residents.

Want to get involved? There’s a Sicilian and a Turkish masterclass happening soon!


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