An amazing new collaborative space for artists in York – and a great place for a zombie party!

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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An amazing new collaborative space for artists in York – and a great place for a zombie party!

On entering The Creative Studio, a brand new art space on Clifton Moor York, I was quite taken a back by the brilliant facilities available for artists to use. There are kilns, potters wheels, all sorts of tools, huge tables, a glazing station and the kind of space and light that you really do not find in city centre studios. And there is loads of parking there too.

The brain child of artist, teacher and special effects supremo Nicola Stead, The Creative Studio is a place she wants to share with others. She wants other artists to use the studio as their own and she wants them to hold their own workshops there, so that the place becomes a hub for all things creative.

As well as a studio in it’s own right, the space is also a place for children to come and get crafty and a brand new location for children’s birthday parties in York. We have Creepy Crawlies for the little ones, but how about a zombie party for your teenager with special effects and more?

There are four weeks of summer Art Camps lined up throughout the holidays aimed at three different age groups. It is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to explore and engage in their artistic sides.

As a tutor at York College and an artist in her own right, Nicola is keen to promote the work of up and coming artists and she is selling art and jewellery from up and coming local artists directly from the premises. The jewellery is amazing!

Nicola’s background in special effects, alongside her teaching skills and her own artistic endeavours (she is both a sculptor and a potter) brings a unique set of skills to the table and an opportunity for all.  She dreams of offering workshops to the more vulnerable people in society on a ‘Pay as you Feel’ basis and ultimately believes in using creativity as a healer for both children and adults.

So if you are an artist that wants some studio space (and a place to store your work), there is an introductory offer in place right now. If you are creative and want a space to offer other people a workshop, The Creative Studio is definitely for you. And if you are a parent seeking out an alternative party for your kids, or would love them to go on an Art Camp this summer, get in touch. I can guarantee you will be impressed with the space and it’s facilities and you will get a very warm welcome.

Everything happens at 3 Audax Close on Clifton Moor.

Find out all you need to know here and give Nicola a call 07505 762450






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