Anybody up for an actual real-life, in-person, face to face meet up?



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Anybody up for an actual real-life, in-person, face to face meet up?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be getting tired of the tedious screen freezes, “you’re on mute”, and awkward small talk whilst you wait for everyone to join a Teams or Zoom meeting.

As we awake from our covid-induced hibernation, I have been thinking a lot about the Connect events we used to host pre-covid. And from recent discussions and meetings, I’m hearing a lot of people saying how they miss those events. So I wanted to gauge interest ahead of re-launching them.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate traditional networking, so there will be no business card swapping, selling of professional services, awkward moments of standing alone etc. These events are simply informal drop-ins, at a City Centre location, where anybody with an interest in good stuff going on across York is greeted with a friendly smile and can chat with other socially conscious residents over a coffee. There’s purposefully no agenda, allowing you to mill around comfortably and see what connections can be made.

The events are always first thing on a morning (9am – 10.30am), to coincide with post-school run and the commute into the office – feedback suggested it was a great, uplifting way to start the day. And there’s no commitment required to stay the whole time – just swing by, grab a coffee and say ‘hi’ to a few faces – stay as long or as short as you’re able to.

So if you’re interested, simply let us know below:

Remember, you don't have to stay for the whole event, you can just drop by for 10 minutes
If you don't have an organisation, please enter n/a
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