Domestic abuse support during lockdown

The current ‘stay at home’ rules do not apply to people fleeing domestic abuse, but still the number of domestic abuse cases has risen during all three lockdowns. There is a various forms of support


Support still available during Lockdown Three

Lockdown is hard for everyone, but when the services you rely on for support change, it can be very difficult indeed. That’s why we asked around local charities to see what services they were still

Future York

Have you worked with a university,
or would you like to?

As part of our three month research project with York St John University, we are asking social enterprises in York if they’ve worked with a university before, how that experience was, and if you’d like

Community projects

York IT Reuse scheme launched to get York connected

Covid-19 restrictions have rapidly increased people’s need for the internet and online services. With frequent changes in restrictions, it has become more and more important to be able to go online for so many vital

Community projects

Local musicians charity single raises funds for York Neighbours

Musicians from York have collaborated to make a pop-punk charity single. ‘Do the right thing!’ was released in December by ‘Your Friendly Neighbourhood Punks’, with the aim to get musicians together and raise funds for

Community projects

Vital support service for
young women across York

Sherrie from Kyra’s ROSE project has provided a short update on the project, and how 2021 is shaping up. The ROSE Project is for young women aged 18-25 and runs Zoom sessions on Wednesday nights

Community projects

York hoarder story shines light on UK-wide suffering

A York women, Sylvie, recently shared her own very personal story with the country. Her story about how her depression and circumstances found her living, for decades, amongst her own rubbish and hoarded clutter, unable