Building a business on a budget



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Building a business on a budget

When two local businessmen approached Social Vision to support them with their communications and Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we jumped at the chance to expand into a new industry. Key to us is the quality of imagery – your potential customers should have their appetite whet by accurate representations of the food you’ll be serving.

We visited the home kitchen of the ChaiDiHutti duo, in Harrogate, to capture professional photographs and sample the resultant food (of course!) – which was divine and authentic! Armed with these excellent images, we were able to quickly create leaflets, a website, and social media channels. As a start-up business, this was all done on a tight budget.

Of equal interest to Social Vision was the opportunity to advise the ChaiDiHutti team on their social responsibility strategy, and how they can do good in the community alongside running a successful business. We particularly focussed our advice on employability, accessibility of menu choices, food waste management, and building partnerships with local groups.

ChaiDiHutti are currently trading under their Nukkad brand on weekends at Shambles Market in York. Find out more at:


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