Busy bees reducing loneliness all over York

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Busy bees reducing loneliness all over York

When you meet Michaela & Denise of Community Bees you can’t help but be blown away by their want to help people in York.

Their new Community Interest Company is on a mission to ensure the people of this city have activities they can socialise at, opportunities to get their enterprises off the ground, a club to improve their wellbeing and an affordable service to help them declutter their home and bring the joy back into their lives.

They do so much to reduce loneliness and social isolation, I don’t know where to start! And for me it is the finer details they have thought through that make the organisation special. 

Bec Horner, Social Vision

One of their unique offers is a de-cluttering service. Often an older person’s home is full of items no longer needed, but it can be too overwhelming for them to tackle themselves.

Some times, they have lost their loved one, but still have all their personal belongs and clothing there, long after their loss. Community Bees come in and sensitively sort through everything, with the help of the person, enabling them to ultimately find order and gain peace of mind.

Their gardening service, often used by people who no longer can maintain a garden for themselves, also brings pride and enjoyment back into the the individual’s life.

They also do health, wellbeing & crafting clubs in Haxby and at St Lukes, off Burton Stone Lane for people who aren’t eating well and need to socialise more. Many people on their own struggle with food; Some don’t eat enough, many don’t drink enough water and lots of people don’t know where to start with eating healthily. Others over eat, and some have illnesses that requires changing their eating habits to help their condition.

The clubs are an opportunity for anybody to come along, learn how to eat healthily on a budget, why hydration is important and get hints and tips on low cost recipes and how to gain/lose weight and look after themselves in general.

It’s a supportive and friendly atmosphere, where crafts are on hand to try out too, that is informal and non judgemental.  It’s a great opportunity to make news friends and have a natter as well.

Another initiative is The Market Place, a new regular market where any individual or community group can come along and sell their wares. This is an opportunity for people to get their enterprises off the ground, dip their toe in the water to see whether they can turn their business dream into a reality, all with supportive guidance behind them. There’s also a busy cafe there and a pay-as-you feel clothing for sale.

At all of the events, Michaela and Denise are on hand offering informal advice, signposting people to other services and ensuring individuals come away feeling good, feeling social and feeling more confident to enjoy everyday life.

Want to get involved? Community Bees are at the following locations:

Costa Coffee, Haxby on a Friday between 12.30 – 2.30pm for a Wellbeing & crafting session

St Lukes Church, Burton Stone Lane on a Thursday between 10am – 12pm for a Wellbeing & crafting session

Arts, Crafts and Cafe at St Lukes Churtch on a Friday between 10am – 12pm

And the next Market Place at St Crux is on the Tuesday 16th July

Check them out on Facebook  or give Michaela a call directly on 07772 107763



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