Check supermarket queues before leaving the house



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Check supermarket queues before leaving the house

I spent almost an hour queuing at my local supermarket in the first week of lockdown (but went prepared last week with my Kindle!).

So I was chuffed that a new app has been released which informs shoppers about the size of queues outside their local supermarkets, enabling them to pick the best time to shop. It currently features all the main supermarkets in York, plus B&M, Iceland and M&S.

Supermarket Check-In, which was developed by a furloughed web developer, collates data from its users to rank local supermarkets by both the length of their queues and stock availability.

It will use customers location data to find all open supermarkets within a five, 10 or 25-mile radius and also inform them when the last set of information was recorded so they can determine the accuracy of the data.

Despite only being a few weeks old the free app has been downloaded over 50,000 times on Google Play and is the second most popular app in the social networking category on Apple App Store. As the app depends on users to input data about their local stores, its accuracy will improve as more people download and use it.

Download it free at: App Store | Google Play



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