Could you provide a home for a young refugee?

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Could you provide a home for a young refugee?

Foster carers are urgently needed across Yorkshire and Humber for unaccompanied young refugees. 

The Welcoming Young Refugees campaign is raising awareness about opportunities to foster young refugees or provide supported lodgings. 

Almost 90% are boys in their mid to late teens. 

A foster carer plays an essential role in a young refugee’s future wellbeing, and they also have a lot to give, as Sally from Leeds discovered. Sally fosters Kurdish refugee Hossein, now a performing arts student.

Hossein brought sunshine, enthusiasm and fun into our lives. He filled a space we didn’t even know existed. My daughter had always hated being an only child; suddenly she had a little brother.

Hossein said: 

I’m so glad that they are in my life, always here for me no matter what. It’s not easy to let someone into your house without knowing anything about them. They opened the door for me, gave me freedom and trusted me with everything.

You can apply to become a foster carer, if you are aged over 21, with a spare room and permanent leave to remain or British citizenship. Foster carers are paid and receive training and support. 

Former Kindertransport refugee Lord Alf Dubs supports the project. 

Young people are entitled to be helped by us to have a life, to have safety, to have love and affection. To get on with things, instead of this fearful existence, worried about their safety every night.

Check out or give them a call on 0113 535 1048. 

Visit their Facebook page, where there are lots of foster carer stories. 


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