Do you use the power of social media? Charity marathon runner found via a tweet!

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Do you use the power of social media? Charity marathon runner found via a tweet!

Earlier this week a friend of mine who volunteers at AgeUK York sent a somewhat frenzied message to myself and another running friend telling us that the charity needed a female runner for the third leg of the relay they were doing in the Yorkshire Marathon that Sunday.

‘Can you put it out there?’ she asked.

Both of us got right on it. A post on GoodGym York’s Facebook page, a couple of tweets on Twitter, a message or two on WhatsApp to running friends and soon – and I am talking within 10 minutes – 2 women had offered to get involved.

The first responder was actually in the USA at that very moment, having just finished the Chicago marathon and was about to get on a plane. ‘But do put them in touch with me!’ she gleefully stated.

So there you have it, within 10 minutes, AgeUK’s search was over and a solution found. All through the power of social media.

Networks in York run far and wide (pardon the pun). Most runners who are members of a club, know other runners too. Most charities have connections at other charities. Social media in such a small, tight knit city is a great way to get stuff out there and solve many different queries you have – and best of all, it’s FREE!

Perhaps you are not using your social media effectively or don’t know where to start? Maybe you need some help with your communications? If so, get in touch with


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