Don’t miss York’s award winning River Art Market this summer

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Don’t miss York’s award winning River Art Market this summer

There is something about meeting the people behind York’s award winning River Art Market that makes the success of this wonderful project all fall into place. Yes, I did say award winning – isn’t it great that York Culture Awards recognises this weekly summer market as the Best Community Project of 2017?

Well it doesn’t surprise me, Charlotte and Kate are absolutely passionate about creating an exciting, inclusive enclave in York that sees both established and emerging artists selling to and engaging directly with their customers.

And at the same time they ensure there is a positive, supportive atmosphere that see the artists themselves integrate with one another. And that, for me, is exactly why the market is such a success.

But there is more! The market is a truly inclusive event. Charlotte and Kate don’t just offer pitches to artists, they also seek out charities, community groups and creatives from marginalised groups and offer a platform to showcase their organisation and their good work.

And for community groups there is absolutely no charge. For others a pitch, at just £35, is very affordable and with no middle man to pay, Artists can actually make a decent daily wage by exhibiting there.

The scope of Art at the market is wide (think potters, painters, photographers, stain glass, paper cutters, jewellers etc.) the type of artist varied (abstract, local scenes, edgy, modern and more) and with different artists exhibiting every week at pricing ranging from £2.50 to around £500 for a piece of unique art, the space is a vibrant and exciting place to come, view, buy and socialise week after week.

And the customers come from far and wide. One satisfied buyer sent a card to a River Market artist with a photo of their artwork in place at their Los Angeles pad saying how wonderful it was to have met the artist and bring a piece of their work home.

Running every Saturday over 10 weeks from the 7th July to the 1st September (with a sneaky additional Sunday market over the August Bank Holiday), over 30 pitches each week and often kids entertainment as well, this is now a staple of not only the York Arts calendar, but also one of the city’s must-go-to events too.

Check out their Facebook page to view the artists for this year and to read all the latest on the market.


There is still room for more artists to be involved this summer. If you are an artist, a community group, a charity and would like a pitch for a week or two, don’t hesitate to contact Charlotte and Kate directly at


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