Ethical trekking for the over-50s



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Ethical trekking for the over-50s

Social Vision is working with start-up ethical trekking company, Snowline International, who offer philanthropic guided trips to Nepal; specifically focussing on support for the marginalised and oppressed Dalit caste. Social Vision will be providing communications and marketing supporting, including recruitment, website developments, publicity and managing the philanthropic network.

Social Vision will be working alongside some inspirational individuals including explorer Sir Chris Bonnington, Head of Nepalese Heritage Society Ambica Shrestha, and philanthropist Sir Brian Souter.

Snowline is a unique 22-day adventure in the Himalayas for active and energetic people over the age of 50 who are at a point of transition in their personal and professional lives, and who are looking for meaning and direction.

Guided by Greg Barton and his team, the carefully designed Snowline Journey from the ancient city of Kathmandu to Mustang is an exciting, meaningful and potentially life-changing experience with a powerful double impact: Going far beyond a mere physical adventure the Snowline Journey is a catalyst for personal growth and change, and at the same time has a far-reaching positive philanthropic impact as each journey funds a 5-year scholarship for a person from the Dalit Caste — the most marginalised and socially disadvantaged group in Nepal.

Check out their website for more information, some stunning photography, and available dates –


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