Everything starts with a conversation….



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Everything starts with a conversation….

It suddenly dawned on me that some of you out there don’t know too much about Social Vision! So I thought I would say ‘Hi’ and fill you in a bit on us and what we can do for you…

In the beginning…

So, I’m Joe Gardham the founder of Social Vision.

My vision all started in 2016 when working with some of the most marginalised people in the country I realised I really wanted to help all the micro organisations that support those people, and give them the best chance possible to carry on making a difference.

At the same time I wanted to help create organisations and places where all walks of life are welcomed. And where an organisation didn’t exist, use my entrepreneurial skills to make it happen.

I met Bec Horner in 2017 and her experience with social enterprises, her communications skills and her interest in community was a perfect match for me.

Since then Social Vision has grown rapidly, with a varied portfolio of clients, a large network of skilled advisers, and a number of high profile, game-changing projects in development

How can we help you?

If you’re somebody who wants to support your local community, we can help you.

You may already have an organisation, may be thinking of starting one, or have identified an unmet need that you want to find a solution to. Social Vision is perfectly placed to provide support, advice and guidance at all stages of your idea.

We can introduce you to funders, find you a home, get professional services, build you a website or recruit staff.

We take a commercial approach to most of our work, so encourage self-sustainability of your plan, helping you identify ways to ensure you thrive, not just survive, after that first injection of support.

The first step is always to sit down with us, over a cuppa in your favourite coffee shop, and tell us about you and your vision. From there we can tailor a package to suit.

And if you’re based in York, our first meeting is completely free.

In the pipeline

We’re a real opportunistic team at Social Vision, and rarely turn down the chance to support marginalised communities.

Because of this we are involved in a huge range of projects, including; designing, building and managing community spaces, facilitating neighbourhood forums, mentoring young social entrepreneurs, funding start up social enterprises and sponsoring local sports teams!

And we are big on communications; We write blogs and a regular newsletter to shout about the great work you are doing. We report on the good stuff that is happening, highlighting funding opportunities, events, and jobs aswell.

Tell me more…

Because of our wide network of advisers we can help you with a wide range of services – broadly broken down into:

• web and social
• strategy and planning
• artistic design and build
• marketing and communications
• press and PR
• training and public speaking

• branding and profiling
• newsletter design and delivery
• design and print
• photography and film

• fundraising and bid writing

• events management

• community consultation
• recruitment

• commercial property development

Pick up the phone!

If we can’t help you, it’s likely we’ll know someone who can. Drop us a line and tell us about who you are, what you do and why you got in touch – we’ll be happy to take it from there!

Phone/text/whatsapp: 07551 008 631
Email: joe@social-vision.org.uk
Twitter: @socialvisionuk


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