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Find your twin

I have many German friends, and visit Germany 4 or 5 times a year. I also have weekly German language lessons with a York-based tutor. So I was really interested to hear about the work of the York Münster Twinning Association, and opportunities to get involved. I spoke with Jenny Gwynne, from the Association, to find out more:

For over 2000 years York has had strong links with the wider world and it aims to stay that way. In particular, the city has been twinned with Dijon in France since 1953 and with Münster in Germany since 1957, leading to many visits and friendships over the decades.

Recent times have made these twinning links more vital than ever. The York Münster Twinning Association is now reaching out to any groups who want to “find their twin”.

York doesn’t lack for clubs focused on everything from jazz to flower arranging: our new mission is to help anyone who wants to find their partner in York’s twin city of Münster.

Citizens of these two cities have already got together over a shared love of football, singing, reading plays, even anti-food-waste volunteering. There is a regular book club that meets online with readers in both cities, and a York cyclists’ adventure is planned, all the way to Münster, the cycling capital of Europe. Opportunities and ideas are posted on our website, so do take a look.

If you are involved with a community group or organisation and would like to explore linking up with a similar group in Münster, get in touch via one of the links below. Remember, all adventures start with a single step!



Facebook: @YorkMunster

Twitter:  @YorkMunsterTwin




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