Free help for York people who have fallen victim to crime

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Free help for York people who have fallen victim to crime

  • Been burgled and need someone to turn to?
  • Been verbally abused and need support?
  • Had your bank account hacked and don’t know what to do?


Victim Support in York can help you – in fact they help any victim of any crime with the exception of domestic and sexual abuse which is supported by IDAS.

Their support is totally free, with the aim to help you to cope and recover to the point where you feel you are back on track with your life. You can self-refer to Victims Support in York whether you have reported to the police or not. They are independent and offer a confidential service, supporting your individual needs and what feels right for you.

So If you are burgled, for example, Victim Support can get you window and door locks, and even dummy CCTV often within 24 hours, so that you feel safe again, as soon as possible, after a crime.

With the huge rise in cyber crime over the last year, often affecting the most vulnerable in society who haven’t had to use computers before the pandemic, Victim Support in York are on hand to help through the steps that need to be taken to report and act on the crime including contacting the victims bank, helping to put people’s mind at rest.

They also have dedicated Independent Victim Advocates offering emotional support for people traumatised by crime. They are highly trained to assist you to cope and recover from what you have experienced.

Their website also offers free access to information about specific crime types and relevant wellbeing guides, for example helping if your sleep has been disturbed or if you are suffering from anxiety after a crime.

Anyone can call Victim Support in York directly on 01904 550514 between 9am and 5pm or their 24 hour support line on 08 08 1689111.  There is also a 24/7 Live Chat service through their website

And Victim Support in York really want to spread the word.

If you are a local organisation that would like to know more about the help and support they provide – maybe have a presentation to your team or group of volunteers – Contact Rachael, their friendly Engagement Officer at



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