Free professional photography for small organisations in York



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Free professional photography for small organisations in York

Social Vision are sponsoring 5 local organisations with a free one hour professional photography session.

As we come out of our second lockdown, it’s critical that part of our recovery as a sector is showcasing how we’re making a difference. Photography is a great way to show this. So we have commissioned York-based start-up Hype Media to visit 5 organisations and capture what you do. This could be staff headshots that professionalise your image; it could show you interacting with your beneficiaries; or you might have some specific shots you need to fill a gap in your Impact Report or website. How you use the hour is up to you!

To qualify, you must:

  • have less than 5 paid staff (full time),
  • be based in York, and
  • subscribe to Social Vision News.

To enter, simply email your details (Name of Organisation and your Contact Email Address) to and we’ll do the rest.

Deadline for applications: Friday 11th December


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