FUNDING: grants to improve your organisation’s development needs



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FUNDING: grants to improve your organisation’s development needs

Enable grants are awarded to charities which have identified clear development needs, and provide a great opportunity to strengthen charities to deliver more effectively.

Enable grants are up to a total of £15,000 over one or two years, and can reinvigorate charities through funding organisational improvements, development of areas such as leadership and governance, improved systems and demonstrating outcomes. These developments put charities in a stronger position to better deliver services and attract funding.

The next deadline is 31st May

What Enable Grants Fund

Enable grants are awarded to charities that meet the funder’s eligibility criteria and have also identified clear development areas which will support their growth. Enable grants are not awarded for costs which are considered to be for the core running of a charity and the costs of the work must be additional to those you would be incurring anyway.

Enable can fund a range of activity related to the development and improvement of the capability of your organisation, for example:

  • Business and service developments and plans
  • Development of monitoring systems
  • Investigation of mergers, partnerships, shared services, contract diversification
  • Consultancy support
  • Quality standards
  • Development of new income streams and enterprise

Monitoring the Outcomes of an Enable Grant

Enable grant applicants must identify specific organisational development, have a clear plan of activities and an idea of what they hope to achieve. As a result of their grant funding, they must meet one or more of the five outcomes:

  1. Improved activities and services
    Including pilots, assessment of needs, user satisfaction, service reviews, project planning, collaboration with others
  2. Improved leadership/governance
    Including review of board/committee policy and practice, Trustee training, involving users, change management, social entrepreneurship
  3. Improved strategic planning/policy
    Including business planning, fundraising strategies, income generation, policy and procedure reviews
  4. Improved structures/systems
    Including financial controls, human resources, management of volunteers, risk management, monitoring frameworks, impact assessment
  5. Improved communications
    Including marketing and communications, website development, reaching new audiences, recruiting volunteers

How to Apply for an Enable Grant

Applications for Enable grants are a single stage application process. Eligible Applicants are required to submit an Initial Application online, and will then be visited by a Grant Manager if they are invited to proceed to assessment stage.

Visit the How To Apply page to assess your eligibility and begin the application process.


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