Green spaces are opening up in York

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Green spaces are opening up in York

First Rowntree Park reopened, then came Clifton’s Homestead Park. Now it has been announced that York Cemetery in Fishergate is about to open its gates to the public again.

York Cemetery will firstly open for the three days of the bank holiday weekend (Friday 8th May – Sunday 10th May) and have stressed most importantly that is will be for people to attend graves. It will then open at the weekends from 10am – 4pm. It will remain closed to the public on weekdays.

Both the Parks and York Cemetery stress that social distancing – keeping at least 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household  – need to be strictly adhered to.

Homestead Park, Clifton is open 10am – 5pm everyday

The play area will remain closed as per government guidance. We are also having to keep shut the toilets (including the baby changing area) as our cleaning contractors are not currently operating.

Rowntree Park (open hours change as the evenings get lighter) everyday

The skatepark and tennis courts are shut, and the play areas are cordoned off.

York Cemetery  plan to open 10am – 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. In case the circumstance changes, please check notice by the gates.

No cars allowed inside the gates of York Cemetery.


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