Have you worked with a university,
or would you like to?



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Have you worked with a university,
or would you like to?

As part of our three month research project with York St John University, we are asking social enterprises in York if they’ve worked with a university before, how that experience was, and if you’d like to work with them in the future.

Jo Gibson, from York St John explains:

As a Social Enterprise Gold Mark recipient, York St John University is looking for those working in social enterprises in the local areas of York and North Yorkshire to take part in a small study. The study aims to better understand ways in which social enterprises have worked with universities in the past, and ways they might like to work together in the future to ascertain the potential for knowledge exchange and partnership working.

The survey is 11 questions, mostly multiple choice, and takes about 5 minutes to complete. So grab a cuppa and help us out so we can influence how our local university can support our sector in the future.

Complete the survey here


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