Help fund an outdoor gym for vulnerable children

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Help fund an outdoor gym for vulnerable children

The Island are looking to secure funds to build York’s first fully equipped outdoor gym for vulnerable children and young people. They got in touch with Social Vision to spread the news in this guest blog.

Providing mentoring services to York children and young people experiencing difficulties with their mental, emotional and social wellbeing, The Island is looking to raise £7,500 through the Aviva Community Fund to build the city’s first fully equipped outdoor gym for vulnerable children and young people to use post-lockdown.

Since becoming a registered charity in 2008, The Island has seen a year-on-year increase of children and young people being referred to their services due to body image and obesity which has impacted their overall health and wellbeing.

In 2018, The Island trialled an exercise programme with several mentees, which resulted in a considerable long-term change in their confidence and self-esteem. From this, The Island looked to develop a fully equipped outdoor gym so that they can support and educate local children and young people on the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Nigel Poulton, CEO of The Island says:

There are several barriers which prevent vulnerable children and young people from participating in regular physical activity, these could include anything from unable to afford gym or club memberships to reduced physical or social mobility or simply have low confidence resulting in them feeling unable to exercise in their local community out of fear of being ridiculed.

The outdoor gym would enable us to promote an active lifestyle amongst the young whilst at the same time, supporting them in making positive change in their lives for a more happier and healthier life long-term.

The outdoor gym will include a big shoulder wheel, disabled arm & peddle bike, air walker, hip twister, air skier, t’ai chi spinners, bicycle, disabled combo and wet pour surfacing.

For more information on The Island’s vision to create an outdoor gym for vulnerable children and young people and to make a donation, visit


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