Homeshare matches older and younger citizens for mutual benefit

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Homeshare matches older and younger citizens for mutual benefit

Toria Morris, the Homeshare Coordinator at City of York Council wrote us this guest blog to tell us all about this great new service in York: 

Homeshare York is a new service that matches an older homeowner with a younger person in a homesharing arrangement. The sharer will provide 10 hours of support a week to the Householder in exchange for a room in their home.

Homeshare gives an older person the opportunity to continue living independently with the support and companionship of a sharer, whilst also providing a solution to young professionals or mature students in need of affordable accommodation.

In addition to resolving these practical issues, Homeshare matches often result in other benefits linked to intergenerational friendships.

In similar services across the UK, participants have experienced reduced isolation, increased wellbeing and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Leeds Homeshare, a service based on the same model, is already seeing the positive results of matches between younger and older citizens. Margaret, 98, and Jon, 27, were introduced through the service and are now feeling the benefits of sharing a home.

Jon explains: “After spending my first year of university living in student halls, I couldn’t cope with the prospect again. I’m a mature student, so don’t go out as much as the others. I like keeping things clean, too, and halls were a mess. Margaret’s place is a safe haven”.

For Margaret, Jon’s presence has been a welcome one: “He’s very helpful around the house. It’s good to have someone under the same roof as me at night and to do tasks I can’t manage anymore, such as changing lightbulbs. My family have taken to Jon. He’s a kind and gentle man.”

Toria Morris, Homeshare Coordinator at Homeshare York, said: “I am so excited that Homeshare is coming to York to provide an alternative option for older people who want to stay in their own homes and younger people in need of an affordable place to live. Whilst Homeshare is an effective model to address these practical concerns, there is also scope for intergenerational matches to combat social isolation and loneliness across the city, which would be a really positive outcome.”

Homeshare York is a not-for-profit service, with a monthly contribution made by the Householder and Homesharer to cover the cost of the matching process and ongoing support.

To find out more please contact Toria Morris, Homeshare Coordinator, on 01904 552898 or email


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