Social Vision are delighted to have been commissioned by Joseph Rowntree Foundation (July 2023) to deliver a Project this summer that explores the future vision of Homestead Park in York.

The project will see us deliver a series of creative workshops in the park, run online surveys, get the views of local community groups, and reach out into the local areas and gain an understanding of why some people don’t use the Homestead and what would encourage them to start visiting.

We will also be looking at the numerous buildings dotted around the park, and presenting a vision for how they could be repurposed both in the short term on a meanwhile use basis, and also on a longer term.

History and context will play a huge and important part in the project, and we’ll have a constant reference point in the Rowntree family’s vision for the park that is is a free, inclusive space that should always be available to every York resident, especially those who may be excluded from other spaces due to cost.

On this page you can find information about our partners, staff team, and how to get involved

Meet the Team

Justin Grasty

Community Artist

Lara McClure


Simon Hall

Landscape Architect

Joe Gardham

Project Lead