How do we address multiple and complex needs in York?



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How do we address multiple and complex needs in York?

How do we work towards improving the systems that support people experiencing multiple and complex needs in York?

Local social enterprise Social Vision has been commissioned by Lankelly Chase Foundation and the York Multiple Complex Needs (York MCN) network to capture the experiences and ambitions of professionals working with people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage in York.

Severe and multiple disadvantage is typically defined as homelessness with one or more of the following features:

  • extreme poverty
  • substance misuse
  • victim of violence and domestic violence
  • contact with the criminal justice system
  • suffer discrimination (based on race, class or gender)
  • mental or physical ill health

At an exclusive, one-off event in September, Social Vision will be inviting voluntary sector, social enterprise, consultants and ethical businesses to discuss and debate their experiences and also how they believe people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage in the city could be better supported. The event will be made into a short film by local company Inkblot Films, and accompanied by an art installation by York-based Kaizen Arts Agency.

Social Vision Director Joe Gardham said:

“There is a highly visible presence of people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage in our city, which is just the tip of the iceberg, with many people experiencing a range of unmet or undiagnosed need. This project allows us to fully understand from a practitioners point of view what some of those challenges are, and more importantly how they can be addressed.”

The project will run in conjunction with York St John University who are working with a group of peer researchers to capture the experiences and ambitions of individuals experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage caught up in the system, as well as additional pieces of work conducted by the York MCN network to understand challenges faced by statutory services that exist to support them.

The separate pieces of work will come together at an event in November, and contribute to creating or amplifying systems change across the city.

Gardham added:

“The resilient and entrepreneurial nature of social enterprise often finds ways to innovate, solve problems and reach communities that other services can’t. By providing a blank canvas we are encouraging people to think ‘What if…?’ rather than focus on practicalities, funding and barriers. As a small, local social enterprise ourselves, Social Vision are honoured to deliver this much needed project and will be working closely with partners across York to ensure maximum reach and impact.”

If you’d like to attend the event, please email outlining how you support people with severe and multiple disadvantage across the city.



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