How to help the homeless in York

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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How to help the homeless in York

I doubt that any one who is sleeping rough in York directly reads Social Vision News, but we know many of people in York who care about homelessness in the city do. We therefore wanted to spread the word about sleeping and food options for the homeless and volunteering options for those that want to make a difference.

City of York Council operate a ‘No second night out’ (NSNO) policy, basically saying that that there is no need for someone to sleep rough for more than one night in York. There are many services available to prevent it in York and some brilliant organisations that facilitate it and more.  The council have put together a Rough sleeper information leaflet  which tells you the main place to contact is the Salvation Army at 63 Lawrence Street. Call 01904 405330 to contact them. The Salvation Army’s leaflet tells you more.

Young adults, under 25 can contact SASH (Sound and Safe Homes) who offer a bed for a few nights and potentially longer term, often on the day of request, thanks to great host families around the city. They also provide experiences and opportunities for the people they support providing volunteering opportunities and trips which build up self esteem and confidence

For breakfast and a hot shower,  Carecent  is open between 8.30am and 10.45am, Monday to Saturday in the Central Methodist Church on St Saviourgate. It’s warm and friendly and provides basic advice too.

On Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings the Spurriergate centre has table service breakfast and dinner courtesy of great people at Kitchens for Everyone.

There is also weekday ‘drop-in’ between 10.00am and 12 Noon at the Peasholme Centre, 4 Fishergate, York, YO10 4FH where people can get advice and be referred to supported accommodation or helped to access private rented housing.

So you want to help (but are not sure how)?

If you want to help a homeless person, you are encouraged to make a donation to a charity supporting them rather than giving money to individuals begging on the street.

I talked to Carecent about this and they recommended you offered to buy a sandwich or a cup of tea if you want to ‘give something’. They also suggested saying hello and having a conversation is reassuring to a genuine homeless person; they often feel invisible, so a friendly chat can make their day.

Perhaps you want to donate further or make a bigger commitment and volunteer?

Homeless charities which accept donations and offer volunteering opportunities in York include:


Foundation York


Safe and Sound Homes (SASH)

Salvation Army

Peasholme Charity

York Furniture Store

York Foodbank

Changing Lives

Salvation Army

Lunar project

York Samaritans

There are also cafes & organisations in York who offer pay-as-you-feel meals

The Big Picnic, Tang Hall

Chill in the Community

Red Tower


York Nurturing Community

Want to donate a Christmas Dinner to a homeless person just like that? Do it here through Crisis.




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