How to manage staff and employee wellbeing through covid



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How to manage staff and employee wellbeing through covid

Managing wellbeing & avoiding burnout (49 mins)

In times of crisis and uncertainty, we’re all more vulnerable to over-stretching ourselves or forgetting to look after our wellbeing. This webinar will help you understand the signs of stress and burnout before it’s too late. Social entrepreneurs who’ve bounced back from burnout will share their wellbeing tips.

Parenting through the pandemic (50 mins)

Juggling parenting with running a social enterprise? Get advice and support to motivate you through the lockdown.

Mental and physical health implications of Covid-19 for community businesses (77 mins)

While focus has been placed on responding to the immediate crisis of Covid-19, the implications of the pandemic on the mental and physical health upon communities have not been full recognised. Naomi Mwasamabili – CEO and founder of Chanua ( and SSE trustee – shares what community businesses can do to support communities, whether working in health or not – and much more!


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