How to manage your social businesses income and finances through the covid crisis



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How to manage your social businesses income and finances through the covid crisis

Just seen this awesome suite of videos that are available from the SSE and thought they’d be worth putting on our site too.

Managing cashflow in a crisis (35 mins)

Cashflow for many social entrepreneurs will be reaching a critical point. This timely webinar shares tips for managing cashflow through a crisis, as well as strategic advice on how to use cashflow to plan and build a sound business strategy for these unchartered waters

How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign (61 mins)

We bring together a range of experts and social entrepreneurs who have successfully run crowdfunding campaigns to share their learnings and top tips. Learn how to use this strategy to raise funds and engage audiences.

What makes a good funding bid? (50 mins)

Many of us are in need of financial support to continue our impact as Covid-19 hit hard. This session focuses on how to ensure your application stands out from the crowd in this very competitive time.

Simple ways for community businesses to increase online trading (73 mins)

Carlos Saba from The Happy Start Up School shares practical ideas on what community businesses can achieve online, including with customers who aren’t online much themselves, without a huge amount of tech know-how, time or money.


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