Introduction to social media



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Introduction to social media

I recently held a social media training session for a small voluntary organisation down in beautiful Wiltshire. This organisation only had four members of staff, with little knowledge or confidence of using social media in a professional context. I’m sure many of you will recognise these concerns:

socialmedia_dilemmasThese were just some of the concerns that came up in the morning Introduction session. Fortunately, the program for the day covered all of these concerns, and more. And by the end of the day, we had four members of staff who all felt confident, happy and excited about using a selected number of social media channels. Here’s what the training course consists of:

  • Exploring social media channels
  • Choosing the right platforms
  • Saying the right thing
  • Finding your way around
  • What works
  • Tricks and tools
  • Measuring success
  • Safeguarding
  • Quick tips for improving your channels

Social Vision has experience of creating, managing, reviewing and improving social media channels for private and voluntary sector organisations, focussing on both the general public and professionals. If you can relate to any of the concerns above, drop us a line to discuss.


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