‘It’s all about collaboration”… but what is Young Thugs?

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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‘It’s all about collaboration”… but what is Young Thugs?

I heard of Young Thugs in various different ways before I actually knew really what they were about. A York DJ friend had told me about this great new recording studio in South Bank; then I saw an amazing local band ‘Gwen’ support The Howl and the Hum and was told they were on Young Thugs label; and finally I ran past this great little working men’s club in South Bank and my friend said ‘That’s where Young Thugs are based.’
So I eventually put 2 and 2 together and thought ‘Hmm, something good is happening here, let’s find out more…’
I met Jonny Hooker, founder, producer and recording engineer of Young Thugs on Bishy Road in glorious sunshine. He lives around the corner and the studio (and record label) Young Thugs are based at the South Bank Social Club some five minutes cycle away.
He’s been involved in the music world for the past 20 years and really wanted to do it from his hometown of York. So he and two friends approached the Social Club, some three years ago, asking if they could rent a room so they could make a bit of music, store their gear and have some fun.
At the same time the three friends were blown away by the incredible music scene in York and recognised that they wanted to support it. What started as a simple idea of bringing people together and offering advice from their own industry experience evolved into a record label, an events company and then, last year, a recording studio.
This is Young Thugs.
Jonny told me it was all about collaboration.
“It’s about mentoring musicians, advising them – how to get a gig outside York, for example, or how to put an album together –  and ultimately giving them the opportunity to grow.”
Their events company, ‘Hovel Sessions’, put on intimate gigs in quirky venues throughout the city.
And the studio is housed in a series of rooms across the Social Club. They invested in cutting edge sound proofing and the latest digital recording technology alongside classic analogue equipment.
Jonny is the resident recording engineer and mixer. As a producer, songwriter and musician his work has been featured on international film and TV and has received radio airplay and broadcast globally. Essentially you are in good hands with Jonny.

So how can you get involved in Young Thugs? My suggestion would be to follow their Facebook page and head on down to a Hovel Session soon, have a listen to to local bands they promote and if you are in a band who need to be heard, get in touch with them.

Of course their website www.youngthugs.com tells you more.


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