Keeping people warm and well in North Yorkshire



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Keeping people warm and well in North Yorkshire

Earlier in the year Social Vision were commissioned by Community First Yorkshire to produce a video highlighting their Warm and Well service.

Warm & Well in North Yorkshire raises awareness of the impact of cold homes on our health and wellbeing, offers practical solutions to reduce fuel poverty, and supports people and communities to stay warm and well in winter.

Referrals can be made into the project if someone is living in or at risk of a cold home or fuel poverty, struggling to afford their energy bills, or worried about winter. These can be made by professionals and by individuals themselves.

Social Vision’s Joe Gardham said:

“We spent a day meeting people in their homes and hearing about some of the impossible decisions and sacrifices people have to make every day to keep their house heated. A warm home is something many of us take for granted; but we also learnt that a cold, damp house can have serious health implications. And, for me, the greatest injustice is that those with the least are paying the most for such a basic human right.”

Social Vision is continuing to work with Warm and Well North Yorkshire throughout this winter – designing a communications campaign to raise awareness and attract support across Craven and Richmondshire.

If you know somebody living in North Yorkshire (excluding the City of York) who is struggling to keep their home warm, please visit


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