Kyra’s founder to pass on the reins



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Kyra’s founder to pass on the reins

Yvonne Copley, the inspirational founder of York’s best women’s organisation is to pass on the reins to new CEO Rosemary Cook. We wish Yvonne all the best for the future, look forward to welcoming Rosemary to the sector and seeing Kyra continue to grow and support women across the city.

Yvonne said:

As my journey with Kyra comes to an end and Rosemary Cook takes over as CEO, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to you all.  Everything that has been achieved over the last 7 years is remarkable.

I had a dream to run a drop-in centre for women, opening twice a week. The aim of the centre was to provide a safe place for women, reduce their isolation and be a place where a woman could be who she wanted to be. It would provide a  holistic experience for women, meeting the wide range of needs or signposting to specialist support. I never for one moment thought that Kyra would grow to be what it is today, opening five days a week (Covid permitting).

Kyra has supported over 1300 women in so many ways by providing a wide range of creative, informative and practical activities. Kyra now delivers a plethora of opportunities, which enables women attending Kyra to work towards their dreams.

It has been a privilege working with you all. I am so grateful to all of the people I have met who have given their support to Kyra. I am in awe of the amazing team at Kyra. They have given relentlessly of their time and energy. I want to thank our Members, who have allowed me to be part of their lives. I also want to thank the Trustees over the years who have given their time and support to the work of Kyra.

Kyra has maintained its ethos throughout,  we believe that together we can achieve positive change.  There are problems that alter our world, but If we work together, it will help us understand, appreciate and support each other.

I know that when I had the idea for Kyra, I had many doubts. I really lacked courage and confidence – but my message to you is: Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know. You are capable of more than you imagine.

As I start my new journey, I wish you all well with your journeys.  Thank you for supporting, trusting me and allowing me the joy of making Kyra a place for all women.

Yvonne (left) pictured with former Lord Mayor of York, Julie Gunnell. (c) Lois McMillan Photography / Kyra

Yvonne (left) pictured with former Lord Mayor of York, Julie Gunnell. (c) Lois McMillan Photography / Kyra


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