Let our older friends feel the wind in their hair

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Let our older friends feel the wind in their hair

A new concept in cycling is about to hit York and the city’s older folk are going to love it.

Cycling Without Age is a new fun activity where volunteer ‘community pedallers’ offer free, comfortable bike rides to less mobile, older folk in the passenger cab of an electric assisted bike.

Looking a bit like an Indian rickshaw, or a Tuk Tuk in Thailand, the special ‘trio’ bikes enable a comfortable ride for two people in the cab, allowing them to get out in the fresh air and feel the wind in their hair.

Set up by Bike Belles in York, following an international movement that started in Copenhagen in 2012, Cycling Without Age is now in 41 countries across the world.

Over 40 people in the city have volunteered to be ‘pedallers’ and local care homes and independent living facilities contacted so the scheme is set to start next month.

Local businessman, Dan Croxen-John of AWA Digital is sponsoring the concept by purchasing the first bike. His touching story of his Grandmother being lonely after his Grandfather died has seen him volunteer at many charity for older people and this for him was the next step in giving back.

The whole idea of of older folk getting out more, having contact with the natural world, having a friendly companion and feeling liberated in their own community, at the same time as the pedallers having fun, exercise and enjoying the company of older people seems like a win win situation to us.

This video of Cycling without Age in Scotland shows the joy the service brings perfectly.

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