Let’s make some noise

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Let’s make some noise

A new collaboration between the York Music Venue Network and York Centre for Writing want to hear your stories, and see your pics, around the York music scene to include in a book they are collating.

During this quiet time of postponed shows and empty venues, they want to reflect on the effect that music has on our lives and its importance to our culture and well being.

They want to collect these amazing memories and show the best of York’s music scene, past and present, and want your contributions to form the basis of a book with profits made going to support our local music venues.

Do you have stories on venues, gigs, sounds systems and club nights? What about memories and observations on record stores, festivals, unlikely venues, meeting your heroes. Go on – be creative! 

Why stop there? If you have pictures summing up music in York, including ticket stubs, flyers, shots of gigs, long lost venues, your best mate upside down in a bass bin, for example –  do them a favour and send it to them! 

Send 25-100 words to: yorkmusicstories@gmail.com. 


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