Let’s talk about sex (and mental health too)

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Let’s talk about sex (and mental health too)

York’s Polarized Youth Group is collaborating with Sexual Health And Relationships Education (SHARE)  to produce a range of engaging resources for schools and interactive, innovative videos that provide up-to-date information around young people’s mental and sexual health. Local film company Ink Blot films are filming the production.

The project, ‘And..Cuts’,  is an ambitious collaboration of York businesses and non profits pushing the boundaries of voluntary sector services. The resources will be be used to spark debate and discussion among 11-19 year olds, with moral choice elements drawn in.

Drawing from information gathered through the summer’s ‘Let’s Talk Sex’ sessions when Polarized Youth talked to many young people about their experiences, the material brings to life topical and emerging subjects approaching tricky areas like revenge porn.

The aim of ‘And..Cuts’ is to transform not just the way we approach difficult subject areas, but the way non-profits operate to find innovative, interactive ways that can engage with young people regarding mental and sexual health. The project explores new and topical issues in youth work, which often have a lot of stigma attached to them, and works alongside modern technology to facilitate more open and honest discussions.

The filming for the work for Key Stage 4 will conclude by the end of December, with three further consent videos with a moral choice component aimed at Key Stage 3 starting in January 2020.

Find out more by contacting Kate Allen from The Polarized Youth Group on 07944895249, email kate@polarizedyouthgroup.org, or share@polarizedyouthgroup.org.


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