Move the Masses to launch in York



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Move the Masses to launch in York

With the support of Social Vision, inspirational GoodGym York trainer Egg Cameron, is setting up a new charitable organisation – Move the Masses – right here in York, that aims to make exercise accessible to everybody. We caught up with Egg to find out more…

So, what is Move the Masses?

Our aim is to get the masses moving! We want to get people active, all people. We strongly believe that everybody should be motivated and encouraged to take part in physical activity because we know first-hand that it improves physical health and emotional wellbeing. We want to ensure that there are fun, inclusive and accessible opportunities to discover and enjoy movement, particularly for those who are impoverished, aged or otherwise isolated in society.

Why are you doing it?

The nation are sat. They are sat in their cars, they’re sat at their desks and they are sat in front of the TV. They are sat waiting for something to happen to improve their health. 

Not only is our physical health in decline, but we are in a poor state of mental health too. Stressful lifestyles and lack of physical activity is leaving us anxious, stressed-out and exhausted. The way we live our lives is paving the way for a future of social isolation, as we lack that face-to-face interaction and sense of community.

We are going to change that!


Will you based at a gym?

No! We want to show everybody that you don’t need a fancy gym or special equipment to get yourself fit. We are surrounded by open spaces, outdoor fitness equipment and urban obstacles; with the right guidance and expertise we want to inspire and motivate people to get outside and get fit, for free.

And who’s it for?

The sessions are family friendly and open to people of all backgrounds and ages, we are actively encouraging different generations to come together and be active in their community.

How can people get involved?

We are going to create and develop a fantastic online, interactive map showing people where they can complete brilliantly fun workouts and how to complete them too. We will have pop-up fitness workshops and fitness adventures (on foot or by bike) to teach people how to use all this amazing stuff around us and we will engage with all sectors of society to ensure everybody is included. We will recruit volunteers to become Move Champions in their communities too.

When are you starting?

We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign, to create the organisation and recruit a team. We aim to start delivering our first sessions in 2018. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to speed with developments.


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