Music therapy course for people struggling with mental health difficulties

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Music therapy course for people struggling with mental health difficulties

In October, the North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre are offering 10 sessions at their music centre in Hovingham for people struggling with mental health difficulties.

Recognising that the current Covid crisis has generated an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and confusion which has lead to high stress and anxiety, the centre is offering clients an opportunity to understand and express their emotions.

For people living on their own, enforced social distancing has resulted in feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression and related mental health issues. It has also triggered an intensification of domestic abuse. Many people are experiencing feelings of loss and bereavement, for loved ones, for jobs, for life as they have known it.

The impact of the virus has been traumatic and has been felt everywhere across society, especially for those who have been directly exposed to it.

The music project is a weekly one-hour session facilitated by a music therapist, where people can explore ways of accessing, expressing and understanding their emotions by improvising freely with musical instruments, and to meet other people who are struggling with similar difficulties.

It takes place at the North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre premises which has good parking and an appropriate, accessible space (ground floor, open, spacious and bright, toilets, kitchen facilities) to welcome a group of people into.

The centre is equipped with a wide variety of musical instruments and clients will be given the opportunity to experiment with them.

Get in touch directly with the Music Therapy Centre by calling 01653 628725 or email:

Find out more at their website


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