My Top 5 | Reasons for loving York’s arts community



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My Top 5 | Reasons for loving York’s arts community

Director of the Arts Barge Project, Hannah West, shares her Top 5 reasons she loves being part of York’s creative community.

Hannah West, Arts Barge

1. Arts community

Lots of people know each other across the different art forms, and there’s a real collaborative feel. This is the inspiration for the Arts Barge; to give this community a permanent home

2. Lots of people in York make stuff

From music to theatre, visual arts to crafts, York is alive with creative, inventive people who love to make

3. Intergenerational socialising

I often meet people of all different ages at arts events. This is hugely significant in creating safe communities and using the arts to tackle social isolation.

4. York is small enough to run into people I know every time I go into town

We joke about York being ‘a big village’ but it’s true. This sense of community, despite 7 million tourists a year, makes York such a homely place.

5. There are some great community venues

Like the Golden Ball Pub and The Crescent Community Venue, which allow creatives the opportunity to network, socialise and share ideas. This is where a lot of creativity is sparked.


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