Need help with a community task?

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Need help with a community task?

GoodGym York  is a community of people who keep fit and do good deeds in the community.

They can help charitable and community projects with almost any physical task not requiring specialist skills i.e. gardening, laying wood chip path, painting, cleaning a pond, moving heavy furniture, trimming overgrown vegetation, turning compost – you name it, they will do it!

GoodGym York are currently on the lookout for community mission opportunities from June.

As restrictions ease they can now send a team of 8 volunteers or more to complete the task. What’s more,  they are happy to help the same community project on a number of occasions, so if you have a big task, they will still take it on!

To request a community mission with us complete use the below online form


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