New conscious dance group launches in York



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New conscious dance group launches in York

Two local social entrepreneurs are starting a Conscious Dance group. I’m going to confess, I had no idea what that meant, so I met up with Justin who explained the concept to me…

We are two people who have enjoyed dancing consciously for a number of years and feel the need to have more creative freedom in dance and as a collective group. The dance will incorporate a warm up, opening circle, dance and movement to a playlist of varied music, and a closing circle to finish. This will be followed by an hour of relaxation / discussion to allow ideas to flow about creating a community dance project regularly in the future.

Conscious dancing is a movement meditation practice to music and sound, free from drugs and alcohol. It is an embodied path for internal learning and wholeness, a practice for tracking personal growth and awareness with others in a safe space. It also helps release the tensions and stresses of our modern fast paced world, with an opportunity to cultivate deep joy.

What a great idea right? And only a fiver for three hours?!?! All the details are on the flyer below – get on down!


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