Opportunity to take your youngsters to the Lakes



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Opportunity to take your youngsters to the Lakes

As you may remember, in early 2017 Social Vision spent a lot of time working with the charity Chance for Change, who take young people from inner cities, and show them the delights (and challenges!) of the great outdoors. Refresh yourself with this blog post.

Well, Chance for Change have been back in touch, and are looking for groups of young people to go on a fully funded (National Lottery) outward bound expedition on Helvellyn in the Lake District. Here’s a few qualifying criteria and some additional info:

  1. Participants must be between 18 – 25 years old
  2. Participants must be free from any type of addiction
  3. Accommodation, food and equipment is all included (courtesy of sponsorship deals with Go Outdoors and local supermarkets!)
  4. Travel is not included, so participants must make their own way there
  5. There is space for up to 10 people, plus staff
  6. Chance for Change provide an instructor, Rab, who is ex-military and very experienced in bushcraft, survival skills, and dealing with stroppy teens!

Social Vision is looking for youth organisations across the North of England to take small groups of their service users out to the Lakes. Remember, it’s fully funded by the Lottery, so you just have to get your young people there – what a great opportunity!

Anyone fancy it? Contact Amy Longrigg to discuss dates and further details, and find out more about the charity here


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