Our latest Space Invasion lands on Micklegate



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Our latest Space Invasion lands on Micklegate

It’s been almost a year since we opened our first ever Space Invaders project – The Malthouse – and we’re back again just through the City Walls on Micklegate, with a smaller takeover by local creatives opening this weekend.

Ervins and Annie, who own Nelson Bakery, are opening a cake shop at the former Minster Van Hire premises on Micklegate. In collaboration with Yvonne and Matthew who run the monthly Arts & Crafts Fair at St Sampson’s Church, they will be joined by local artisans, creatives and traders to run regular pop up markets and fairs.

Matthew says:

As a local crafter, it’s been very difficult this year to find places to trade due to event cancellations and like so many others, we were left feeling very uncertain about the future of our business.

Thanks to Social Vision and North Star, we’ve been able to create a community space for local artists, crafters and traders to safely showcase their work to the public. The location on Micklegate is perfect for this, due to the accessibility to the public, and the space means that we can provide the same opportunity to other traders in similar positions.

Ervins said:

As a small business we have been looking for affordable space to rent for over a year now and it’s incredibly hard to find cost effective property in York. Small independent business owners have to face the reality of extremely high rent and rates but at the same time empty premises over the York area are growing in numbers.

We are incredibly grateful that we have this opportunity to trade at one of these properties and bring a new life into this building for the next few months.

And Social Vision’s Joe added:

I’m really excited for the team to be taking over this empty property to give it a new lease of life before it is redeveloped. York, and in particular Micklegate, is famed for it’s creatives and artisans, but access to affordable properties is an ongoing issue for the sector – stifling innovation and culture across the city.

This project will create much needed space, albeit on a temporary basis, for us to enjoy the delights of the local creative sector.

The property has been handed over to Social Vision – as part of our partnership with local property developers North Star –  to provide opportunities for local grassroots organisations to showcase their work. The property has planning permission for a hotel to be built early next year, creating around 45 new jobs in the process.

If you’re a local creative who would like a stall, please contact yorkshireartisans@gmail.com for prices and availability. A limited number of free spaces will be available at each fair to support ‘first-time’ exhibitors.

And be sure to pop by for the 3 C’s – amazing homemade Cakes, Coffee and Creativity!

Anni & Ervins Maslakova


L – R: Ervins, Anni & Matthew aka – The Pop-Up Pirates!


How the completed hotel will look

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