Our vision to engage every school child in York



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Our vision to engage every school child in York

Social Vision is delighted to be part of the huge Eboracum project on Rougier Street, as part of our partnership with North Star and York Archaeological Trust.

Social Vision’s ambition is that this project can act as a catalyst to inspire a whole generation of local young people, by giving every school child in York the opportunity to uncover our Roman past.

Archaeology is such a specialist career – something that a lot of young people (myself included!) would never have felt was an option for them. But we know kids are like sponges, love to get messy (I can vouch for that!) and love to learn by doing. Accessibility is the only thing stopping this from happening historically. So right here in York, we are creating a once in a generation opportunity to uncover Roman remains, learn more about how the Romans shaped our city, and engage every child across York.

But we need your help to make this happen. The project is still subject to planning permission which, if granted at the end of this month, will allow the two year dig to begin!

You can support this project by:

  1. Submitting a supporting statement on the planning portal (Ref Number – 19/02672/FULM)
  2. Sharing and liking this story on your own social media channels
  3. Following the Eboracum social media channels for updates – @digforeboracum
  4. If you’re a local community group supporting young people, contact joe@social-vision.org.uk to express an interest in being involved.

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