People with a criminal conviction should still apply

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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People with a criminal conviction should still apply

We absolutely love that some employers go above and beyond to support, help and include marginalised people. 

That’s why when we see a tweet from the boss of Timpsons specifically saying that job hunters with a criminal conviction should not hold off applying, we think it’s good news. 

Timpsons, the high street chain of key cutters, shoe and watch repairs and signage, are actively recruiting right now and they have 4 branches in York. 

James Timpson is known for being a fair and forward-thinking employer, he is also a strong believer in giving people a second chance, regardless of their past

We look for great personalities! We will consider anyone and everyone for a role within our business, regardless of their background or history. This includes ex-offenders and other marginalised groups.

What’s more, as well as the basic wage, they also provide a bonus scheme for every employer relevant to their part of the business. And they give you your birthday off and £100 and a week off if you get married! 

Anyone interested can use Twitter to message Darren Burns, national recruitment manager for the Timpson group, @darrenburns60 or visit their website  


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