Preventing youth homelessness during Covid-19

Bec Horner

Bec Horner

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Preventing youth homelessness during Covid-19

SASH’s impact since lockdown has been amazing.

They have provided 78 safe night’s sleep to young people who were in absolute crisis. They adjusted their Nightstop service quickly, ensuring homelessness was not the answer during lockdown. Their staff and hosts have been incredible.

Emma at SASH has recently been talking to young people who have moved on from SASH to learn about the difference it has made in their life. Heather from Harrogate was in SASH for 3 years after a complete breakdown with the relationship with her mum.

She talked about her hosts saying “they gave me hope and are still my safety net even though I have now moved out.”

Heather still even has her own coffee cup at their house and visits regularly.

She also gave SASH some advice to pass on to young people who are in lockdown, going through what she did

Keep your head up. When lockdown is over, things will get better. There are people out there who want to help, you are not alone.

With more time on their hands, SASH’s hosts and young people have been able to do more together, including cooking and gardening. Some young people, like Sean, have even started to do video blogs!

SASH have also been able to respond to the unexpected need of young people needing laptops, headphones and data so that they can carry on with college work and stay in touch with their support workers.

Everyone has really rallied together to make sure that life can carry on as normal for the young people.

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