Rare funding opportunity for individuals



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Rare funding opportunity for individuals


We’ve been asked by a local philanthropist to find a local social entrepreneur who’s struggling to access or qualify for mainstream funding.

This is something close to my own heart, as Social Vision was founded and has survived with no grant funding. Funders don’t typically like to take risks on non-constituted organisations such as ours, regardless of the huge social impact we can have. Which can be frustrating and demotivating, can’t it?

So, I was delighted to hear of a local philanthropist reading our ‘Message to Funders’ blog, and reaching out to support the unsupported! Interested? Read on to see if you qualify….

Your work must take place in North Yorkshire (excluding the City of York). It’s fine if you are based in York and want to expand into, or start a new service in say Selby, or Malton for example. You’d just need to make a convincing case. But if your work takes place in York, sorry, but it doesn’t qualify.

The amount available is £5,000 as a non-repayable grant, and the philanthropist is pretty open-minded in terms of your focus, but has a personal affinity to environmental issues, young people and employment. They don’t want us to put anyone forward who could apply for and qualify for traditional grants, so if you’re a charity, CIC, CIO or other constituted community group, sorry but this isn’t for you.

The application process is going to be more of an introduction, whereby you tell us your idea, and we’ll personally introduce you to the funder if we think it’s likely to be of interest. Just to confirm – we are not funders or brokers. This isn’t a formal process. It is an individual who wants to donate to another individual to increase social impact, and is therefore something we wholeheartedly support.

If this sounds like you fit the bill, please email me (joe@social-vision.org.uk) with the following information:

  1. Your contact details
  2. The name of your venture and when you were formed
  3. Type of venture (i.e. private company, volunteer group, individual/sole trader)
  4. Your online presence (web, social media etc)
  5. An elevator pitch about what you do
  6. One sentence on your beneficiaries
  7. Your top three social impact achievements to date
  8. What difference you would make with £5,000

Top tip: Please don’t send CVs, reports etc – we won’t read them! And don’t waffle – keep it nice and short so we can get a good feel for you and your work. Assume you have one minute to convince us!

As mentioned above, please do not contact us if you are a registered charity, CIO or CIC. If you’re one of these organisations, sign up for funding newsletters from the excellent Beware of the Bull or Two Ridings Community Foundation, and search our Funding pages


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