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Selling an experience

A private sector client wanted to showcase it’s venue to it’s target audience, and asked Social Vision to support it to achieve this. Using our in house film-maker, we were able to create a contemporary, cool and engaging short film that highlighted all the areas of the venue and how audiences could engage. We pulled out all the stops for this showreel, including drones, SteadiCams and licensed soundtrack. The film was released a few days after opening, and saw a huge spike on social media channels and bookings. Take a look and see what you think:

We firmly believe that video is one of the most powerful ways to sell experiences. It is the best way to provoke emotion, and let the viewer imagine themselves there. In the voluntary sector, where our causes are often more emotive and our stories more powerful; video can really project our campaigns and fundraising.

The biggest barrier to video, in my experience, is the prohibitive cost. As such, we’ve made it our mission here at Social Vision to make voluntary sector videos and campaigns affordable to all organisations.

To discuss creating your first (or next) video or short film, get in touch


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