Social Vision partners with local University to unlock support for social enterprises



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Social Vision partners with local University to unlock support for social enterprises

Social Vision has partnered with York St John University to explore how universities and social enterprises can collaborate more, share knowledge and resources.

The four month project will be supported by Dr Jo Gibson, a post-graduate research fellow, who will be undertaking the academic research element, whilst we are excited to welcome local social entrepreneur Pete Quinn to the Social Vision team.

We will be focusing on how the sector defines itself, which organisations exist and what they do, the cultural differences between the two sectors and the creation of a strategy for collaborative working.

Matthew Reason, Director of the Institute for Social Justice at York St John says:

“The social enterprise sector is dynamic, energetic and deeply rooted in the needs and fabric of its community. We believe that there is potential for social enterprises and universities to work together to exchange knowledge, skills and opportunities through which we can produce impactful social change.”

Pete Quinn from Social Vision, said:

“Universities have a wealth of knowledge and assets locked on campus that could be so useful to local social enterprises – from physical spaces and student placements, through to academic research and data. This project aims to unlock these resources and explore how the social enterprise sector can both benefit from, and contribute towards, knowledge exchange. Ultimately we want to see a strong, sustainable and thriving sector, supporting more of York’s most vulnerable, marginalised and isolated individuals.”

Joe Gardham of Social Vision added:

“I’m incredibly proud that Social Vision has been invited to partner York St John University in this pioneering research project. I’m really excited to welcome Pete to the team and have the opportunity to work alongside Matthew, Jo and their colleagues at YSJ.”

We’ll be launching a series of short surveys, focus groups and exciting products in the New Year for  you to engage with.





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